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Welcome to Metal Craft @ cholabronze.In

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Road in the North Bommayapalayam-Auroville Area and  at our downtown Pondicherry Showroom in the “White Town” historic area two blocks up from the beach promenade at No.10 Ru du Bazar St Laurent, Puducherry, India.

We are a family owned small forge(see about us), carrying on the tradition of the Chola Lost Wax Bronze handicraft to a new generation of craftsman and Artists. Here at Metal Crafts we produce true to process Lost Wax Cast Bronze Statues of existing Hindu deities in their traditional poses as they still may be viewed in Temples and Museums. As you browse our Inventory keep in mind that we can produce custom Statues but for religious icons we prefer stay true to the original documented statue poses in respect to the religious significance of the art.

The Chola Lost Wax casting process was developed during the Chola Dynasty arising from previous

bronze casting practices and was then and is now an evolving and dynamic art form. Along with Lost

Wax Bronze casting the Chola Empire influenced the world in the Arts , Architecture and

Literature. It wa during this era that the Nataraja Concept of Siva as a major temple icon element of the Hindu ritual practice.

The Chola Dynasty of Southern India is one of the longest-ruling dynasties in history. Earliest stone

inscriptions appear in the 300’ BCE (Asoka Major Rock edict #13), the dynasty continued to govern over

portions of southern India until the 13 th Century CE. 

Our statue shop offers detailed pictures of each item in stock and of pieces displayed as “For

Commission”. We encourage questions on in stock items as well as to be commissioned pieces. Most

importantly it must be understood that lost wax bronze statues are one of a kind due to the need to

hand produce a unique wax model for each individual statue. We can answer all of your questions via

email so that you are confident you are getting the icon and aspect you desire. Freight charges vary per

destination and will be assessed prior to final order.

Please take time to read the information provided in other sections of this website so that should you

purchase a piece from us you will better appreciate the hours and hours of man energy it takes to

produce even a small piece. When you finally have the icon in the proper place of your home you will

view much more than the 3-dimensional profile of your god or goddess.

Om Shanthi !